A small local charity, set up to help the elderly

and terminally ill with their pets.

Ensuring your pet has a home, no matter

what life throws at you ...

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We’re a small animal /people rescue who have been operating since 2011 and established as a registered Charity since 2013. Based in Stamford, on the Rutland/Lincolnshire border in middle England, we offer a service called HOME – dedicated to helping the elderly and the terminally ill with their pets when they can no longer manage alone.
We work with individuals, their families or the other service providers involved to secure a safe and happy ongoing story for the beloved furry companions. And because of our unique approach we then keep a lifetime watching brief on any animal we care for – this means we can rehome pets to other elderly folk who find themselves alone before they might naturally need to give up on pet ownership.

H.o.m.e …

... Hand to hold

Providing a support structure to ensure you can keep your furry friend happy and healthy – and by your side, for as long as possible. We can help with dog walking, house visits, vet appointments groomer trips – with our skilled team.

h.O.m.e …

... Over to us

Providing your companion with a temporary place to stay – a sort of “home from home”. Sometimes there are short term issues that mean you are not able to care for your pet temporarily. We step in, scoop them up, and care for them in a safe place, ready to hand them back when you get better.

h.o.M.e …

... Meant to be

Providing a new start for your beloved pet if you decide this is best for them – and for you. When it all gets too much, and you need to find a new home for your furry friend, we can either take them in and care for them whilst we look for somewhere suitable, or we can look for the right answer whilst you continue to look after them.


... Easy to share

Providing a telephone service to help you find a solution to a looming problem with your beloved companion. Sometimes a conversation will put you on the right path – you may not need direct help from us, but we can help you decide what to do next. We can use our contacts and our knowledge to help you move forward.

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Our talented team of volunteers number 36 (and counting) and each have their special part to play. We call our three Trustees the Barebones of the Charity – all you need to be successful in rescue is a Wishbone, a Backbone, a Funnybone (…and a Dogbone!)

Terry Cook

I am the Chair of our Rescue and the co-founder, together with Jane. I worked in the corporate world of learning and development, largely on national and global projects, and I learnt that people, no matter who they are and where they have come from, need  love and laughter in their lives to flourish and grow....

Jane Freeman

I am the Treasurer of our Charity and together with Terry opened our first bank account in December 2011, a first and fundamental step in becoming a fully Registered Charity in May 2013. I was very fortunate to be able to retire early from a career in the National Health Service where I worked as...

Des McGurk

As all in the Mutts Nutts team who over the years have assisted, laboured and interfered with building projects I have supervised for the charity, (The Mutt Hutt, May Contain Mutts, Ground Nutt and Nutt Nook) will confirm, I am known for my charming charismatic personality. This is most marked when at the beginning, middle...

The Nutts and Bolts are our wonderful Core Team who make stuff happen. The Utter Nutters dedicate themselves to the animals we care for and the Bread and Butter Nutters raise the necessary funds to do so. We also have some Acorns – little Nutts undertaking their DofE awards; Nutters of the future perhaps? And we have many others who make our work possible; the Partners, the Sponsors and the Chums – all of whom give of their time and resources unstintingly.