A Note from The Chair….

Yes, quite literally I am sitting down – although generally with a pile of dogs ontop of me!

There has been both joy and heartbreak in equal measure this year – we have loved and lost some dear little furries in these past 11 months but we have also seen some come back from the brink in health terms and many find a new lease of life and go on to loving homes.
For the people involved, we like to think we’ve been able to hold their hands when making the toughest of decisions, take on some of the burdens – be they practical or emotional, and provided that elusive peace of mind when they needed it most.
So far this year has seen the highest number of pets coming in because of the health of their owners. We’ve been very busy scooping up the furries when left at home alone as Mum or Dad have been rushed off to hospital. Its always a privilege to be able to hand them back, months on, when life at home has got back to some sort of ‘normal’ Of course, this doesn’t always happen, so we’ve continued to rehome those pets who weren’t so lucky. It’s a testament to the local community that there is always someone out there who will step up and take in an elderly furry,– to give them a safe and loving haven to see out their days. Not all the animals that come to us are elderly – we’ve had kittens and 6-month old pups before now! But let’s just say most are on the same side of the hill as we are – we’ll call it ‘mature’!
Whenever we can we work to raise money for the Rescue –  our newsletter as well as our blog here shares those stories, both the quests and the fabulous results from the great supportive public and local companies! And every so often we have a special appeal for an animal that has a much higher mountain to climb. Let me tell you about Jaffa’s Journey Appeal from back in summer this year
Little Jaffa Cake and her soulmate Chocs arrived in a very poor state via a kindly neighbour back in May. They had both been loved, just their health needs neglected. Jaffa had a huge growth on her tummy that meant it dragged along the floor wherever she went – causing open wounds on a daily basis. Not walking outside resulted in long curled claws, matted pads, and a smell that followed everyone. Turned out Jaffa had a massive hernia which could be fixed! She is now the most playful, affectionate little dachshund you could wish to meet– still toothless and a bit of a funny shape but adored by all of us. They went back to their owner in August
We had to spend £790 to help Jaffa get better – at the same time her owner was very ill in hospital. He couldn’t afford this huge sum so we asked our small army of supporters if they could lend a hand. We raised a whopping £475. How amazing you all are, thank you

So finally, a big thank you from me in the Chair – it’s the local animal lovers who bring about our success – by talking about what we do, recommending and referring people, sponsoring and supporting our work, stepping in to rehome the little furries whose lives have been torn apart overnight. Thank you on behalf of us all, the Trustees, The Nutts and Bolts team, The Ground Nutt crew, the Bread and Butter Nutters – and those all-important furries, two of whom are sending their love below!

Terry Cook – Chair and Trustee of The Mutts Nutts Rescue