Corona-virus Update – 31.03.20

Hello friends and supporters, thought you might appreciate an update on how we plan to help during this crisis – and how you might be able to help us, if able to do so.

Our objectives as a charity could not be more significant given the people we set out to serve and their current vulnerabilities.

So we can, and will, do everything possible to provide support for our community and their pets.  We will do this whilst adhering to the current Government lock-down restrictions.

In these unprecedented times we have had to make difficult decisions about which of our services are going to be of most value to our community now – and resource them as best we can.

In the short term we are diverting our activities into helping people with their pets at home – things like dog walking, running vet visits, taking out pet food parcels, in fact everything that comes under our Hand to Hold banner. We will operate within the boundaries of the current Government guidelines, which does restrict the provision of our services, however we will endeavour to help in an emergency if we can.

We are trying to increase our foster families and bolster our dog walking capability so that we can assist everyone who asks for our help going forwards. Of course, we will continue to rehome any displaced pets as before with the same individual attention and long term commitments, although once, again we may have to delay some actions to comply with current restrictions.

And, if we can’t provide the support needed, then we may know someone who can.

So please pick up the phone – 01780 654072, if you need our help – or want to offer assistance or make a donation

Many, many thanks

Terry, Trustee and Chair of The Mutts Nutts Rescue
Terry Cook
Trustee of The Mutts Nutts Rescue