Evergreen and Mutts Nutts working in partnership

The Mutts Nutts Rescue journey has been an exciting one and Evergreen is proud to be partnering with this great charity. Read their story below as they have developed a range of support and services, not just for animals but for those who live with and care for them.

The Mutts Nutts story:

On this, our journey of discovery, we have found out a great deal about the world of small animal rescue – and our place within it! We launched as a fully functioning, independently minded animal/people rescue in January 2017 after over 4 years as a registered Charity working behind the scenes for other rescues. You may find it odd to put both animal and people into the same heading, but this is definitely who we “rescue”. We have set up a service to help the elderly and the terminally ill with their pets when they can no longer manager alone – we call it HOME. It provides a range of services to resolve animal-related problems so that the elderly and the ill can keep their furry friends with them for as long as possible – and when they find they must give them up, we take care of the future of their beloved pet so that the owner can rest easy. We also help those elderly without pets find a furry companion and provide an ongoing service to ensure the animal and owner can continue to take care of each other. It’s not an entirely new concept, but it is a new way of working – and it is unique to Stamford and the surrounding villages and market towns. It is a charitable service, offered predominately by referral through vets and care agencies, to a sector of the local animal loving community in search of help in their greatest hour of need. We help people through a joint love and compassion of their furry friends – animals provide a bridge between us, enabling help to be accepted and lives to be moved forward. We have many individual heartwarming stories where animals – and people – have been rescued! We plan to have many more. So, we are a small, local people/animal charity with some big ambitions to make a difference in the lives of many!

Barbara’s story:

Since my beloved husband John died, Pippa has been my constant companion. She understands when I am not feeling so good and on these days she never leaves my side. In December last year I fell and broke my hip. My dear granddaughter tried to look after Pippa for me, but it was very difficult as she works all day. Stamford Vets suggested that she contact The Mutts Nutts Rescue to see if they could help, and so began the start of a relationship with the Mutts Nutts team that has brought much comfort, reassurance and joy into our lives.

Sophie and Zola’s story:

Sophie and Zola are two 7 year old Jack Russell Terriers. They came to us as their elderly gentleman owner passed away. They shared a room (as they had always lived together!). They were as different as chalk and cheese. Zola, the boy, was a pretty cool dude, classic Jack Russell Terrier good looks and a smile that showed all his white gnashers. Sophie, being the girl, was clearly the one in charge! She spent a great amount of time digging for something (but never finding it!) in the paddock! They were full of energy and gave us great enjoyment. We managed to find them a new forever home together … with an elderly gentleman who had sadly just lost his wife. The companionship of Sophie and Zola at this point was the best gift he could have!