Local Stamford animal charity featured in edition of Stamford Living

Stamford Living magazine featured The Mutts Nutts Rescue on page 60 of their January edition, highlighting the service offered by the Rescue to local elderly & terminally ill people and their pets, called ‘HOME’.

H is for ‘Hand To Hold’ – aiming to keep a pet at home for as long as possible through dog-walking assistance, vet appointments etc at affordable prices.

O is for ‘Over To Us’ – when the charity steps in to care for pets in a safe place, ready to hand them back when their owners get better.

M is for ‘Meant To Be’ – when a new start is needed for a beloved pet, if and when this becomes necessary

E is for ‘Easy To Share’ – providing lifelong connection through photos and stories to owners who want to remain in touch once their beloved pet is rehomed.