McCarthy and Stone, retirement housebuilders, donate cash to animal rescue legacy cause

We were delighted when retirement housebuilders McCarthy and Stone chose our application to receive a donation.  The cash will help us support creation of ‘legacy plans’ – so we can work with local elderly & terminally ill folk to provide long-term care plans for their beloved pets when they can no longer manage alone.  So many retired folk have pets as a way of keeping them both physically and mentally active, and of course for companionship.  The thought of what happens to beloved pets should unexpected hospital visits happen, or longer-term health care issues arise, often causes folk to decline treatment for themselves as they worry about their beloved pets. This is where The Mutts Nutts Rescue charity services step in, offering invaluable peace of mind to folk who find themselves in upsetting situations, and this donation will greatly help support that work.

Thanks to local newspaper The Stamford & Rutland Mercury for recording the donation between McCarthy and Stone and The Mutts Nutts Rescue.