The Mutts Nutts Rescue – and the story of RUN FREE!

a place to run our dogs free, and safe – and the chance to ‘give back’ at the same time!

We are no ordinary Rescue. The Mutts Nutts have been a registered Charity for over 7 years, operating locally, most recently specialising for the benefit of the elderly, the terminally ill, and their pets – alongside the wider animal loving community. Our goal is to help people care for their pets when the going gets really tough, and when all else fails, to place these beloved companions into new loving homes.

To fund this greatly valued service we must find creative opportunities – we believe in community participation and the good hearts of the animal loving public – so we have an ambitious plan! In December 2017, we floated the concept of a ‘special space/place’ – we called it RUN FREE.  It has two distinct roles;

  • A five-acre natural space ...

    … securely fenced and properly managed with meadowland, woodland, and landscaped agility tracks, – where dogs can run and play freely and in safety

  • And skirting the boundary ...

    …  a beautifully planted quiet pathway with sponsored memorial benches and a fence-line of special messages marking the passing of beloved companions where people can walk, or sit and talk remembering old friends

And all the time the people who use the space will be making donations for the benefit of those who need the most help with their pets in their greatest hour of need.

In all practical terms it can be seen as a meeting point for animal lovers pursuing their goals:

We’ve called this place RUN FREE because it perfectly captures the two roles it must play;

  • To enable dogs and their owners to enjoy both freedom and safety in a purposeful playground
  • To enable all of us to honour the passing of our beloved companions when the time comes – ‘run free at the bridge old friend, run free at the bridge’

We are actively looking for Partners/Sponsors/Individuals whose own interests might mesh with ours. If we could see our shared objectives realised through the launching of RUN FREE then we will have truly created an outdoor community project to be very proud of!

If you would like to know more, please contact us on 01780 654072 – let’s talk!

People ...

… will come to book, and pay for, exclusive use of the playground to run their dogs – free and safe

Groups ...

… will come to book collective walks, agility activities, events, training etc

Animal lovers ...

… will come to enjoy the tranquility and space to ponder on lost loved ones

Young people ...

… will come to learn about the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership

“The truest measure of a society is how it keeps its elderly, its pets and its prisoners – what we do to them, with them and for them.” – Attributed to Ghandi