Our experience of the Pandemic to date

It’s now almost 6 months since I last wrote to you with our emergent plans for dealing with this terrible health crisis facing the world – and what a turbulent time it has been!

We had no idea of how our services would be required, nor indeed whether we would be allowed to provide them.
As it turned has out we consider ourselves to have been immensely fortunate – we remained flexible with our offering, we met all of the needs presented to us (albeit not always in the anticipated ways!) and our volunteers and supporters stuck with us every inch of the way. Added to that, with the aid of some furloughing help from the Government and an amazing ongoing commitment from our donators, we have managed to stay pretty healthy on the financial front too.

We are not unscathed;

  • Some of our funding applications failed
  • We had to reduce our capacity by temporarily closing foster facilities
  • We’ve had to move animals around more than we would like,
  • Like everyone else, we’ve had to accept that some of our furry residents would have to wait for vet treatment.
  • We’ve also had to put all new ventures on hold

On the upside;

  • We’ve recruited some fabulous new fosterers onto the team
  • We’ve learnt some new approaches borne out of necessity
  • We’ve developed some resilience – if we can survive this, then we can face most things!

So, the good news is – we are ramping back up, Covid safety measures in place, with our foster facility operational for September and beyond. We’ve been trying to place two little furries recently – see Facebook page – and we are reinstating our Hand to Hold service which includes dog walking.

I cannot thank you guys enough, our Nutter family and the wider community of supporters. One of the most important elements of this journey has been the unwavering support – you are amazing, thank you.

Terry, Trustee and Chair of The Mutts Nutts Rescue