Bec Wilson

Head Nutt!

Glancing through our local village magazine in May 2014, I saw a letter … “Dear Editor, Calling all local dog lovers!… No experience necessary – but a love of dogs essential”. This was from Terry Cook on behalf of The Mutts Nutts, she was looking for a person to take on a regular role at rescue kennels close to my home.

I was an HR Manager for Churchill Insurance and “Oh Yes” I did have a nodding dog. I had taken voluntary redundancy in 2004 after the birth of my first child and after a 10 year career break (my children were then 10 and 8 years old) it was time to start thinking about what to do next. I remember clearly the phone call back from Terry, where I was, and what we talked about. This is because that phone call changed my life. I loved being involved with The Mutts Nutts, this is truly the first role out of a variety of career paths to date that leaves me fulfilled and satisfied with my working day. My husband does not refer to my work as a job,  how can it be when I enjoy it so much?!

I have been involved in our remote projects supporting other rescues up to the launch of our own foster facility in 2017. You will find me working at the foster facility and looking after all things “people” as well as animals. As for “No experience necessary – but a love of dogs essential”, I think my devoted ownership of loopy Lhasa Apso dogs, yes I know, someone has to love the stubborn little characters (2 at home, 2 previously and a dopey Labrador) stands me in good stead for a bit of experience, but certainly a love of dogs (& cats too!).