Des McGurk


As all in the Mutts Nutts team who over the years have assisted, laboured and interfered with building projects I have supervised for the charity, (The Mutt Hutt, May Contain Mutts, Ground Nutt and Nutt Nook) will confirm, I am known for my charming charismatic personality. This is most marked when at the beginning, middle and sometimes even end of a long day creating a new facility for rescue dogs and cats I am fed sausage sandwiches and cake, washed down with copious quantities of builders’ tea.

I have worked in the building trade all my life, I am a carpenter by trade, but like all true tradesman I can fortunately turn my hand to anything to do with buildings that Wishbone in particular might ask me to do.

These Mutts Nutts projects have, seriously though, been enormously rewarding. They are all still standing and providing wonderful facilities for the pets housed in them. We have had fun building them, I am not commonly known as “Funny-bone” for nothing, and it has not been too much hardship to devote weekends and spare days in a busy builder’s life in creating a home for pets in need.

I am a lifelong lover of dogs and we have always had rescue dogs living in our home.

Our current adorable pair of rescued Westies, Bramble & Bracken, often accompany me on jobs in my van. They might look as though butter wouldn’t melt, but they can be feisty little critters, I wouldn’t have it any other way!