Mutty and Nutty

Team Mascots!

I came to The Mutts Nutts Rescue in winter 2017, quickly followed by my brother Mutty in spring 2018. it’s such a lovely place here because we get fed well, walked regularly (although Mutt’s a bit older so he can dawdle on his walks sometimes while I prefer to run and explore!) and we get lots of playtime with some really great humans and lovely cosy big beds to lounge on.

I’m the adventurous inquisitive one, always up for any activity anyone suggests we have a go at – have you seen our pictures of our adventures around Rutland Water? – whereas Mutty’s the sensible one who makes us wear leads and life jackets “for our own safety” he says but I think he heard that from the humans.

We love having our picture taken and being cuddled so if you see us out on our adventures, please come and say hello – we don’t bite!