Nadine Jarvis

Furry Friend Cuddler!

My Mutts Nutts Rescue Journey started as a weekly volunteer to fulfill my furry-friend cuddling fix. Between the muddy paws and catnip toys, Wishbone started working on the idea of how to bring my 20 plus years of corporate administration skills into the charity. A few months later, the Bones offered me a solution to beome a member of the core team as one of the Nutts and Bolts that took me all of a nano-second to think about and here I am.

I still volunteer weekly, alongside being a main animal foster carer and administrating some of the ideas Wishbone keeps coming up with between walks and cuddles with our furry friends. I also get to play with Mutty and Nutty on a regular basis too, which is quite the experience!

The Mutts Nutts Rescue has changed my world, and I feel privileged to be part of a compassionate tam who are serious about what they do but playful about how they do it.