Stamford Health In Retirement event Wednesday 9th October 2019

We were privileged to be invited to take part in the first ‘Stamford Health In Retirement’ event held at Stamford Town Hall on Wednesday 9th October 2019.

A number of local organisations came together, including Lakeside Healthcare, which runs the Sheepmarket Surgery and St Mary’s Medical Centre,  Stamford and District Lions, Buckles Solicitors, Stamford Town Council and the Evergreen Care Trust – all to help provide information on both medical and other support services that maybe helpful during retirement.

Harrish Bisnauthsing, a town and district councillor behind the event said:

“The NHS can no longer provide care from the cradle to the grave,” he said.  “Instead of relying on medication, we want to help people to take better care of themselves, and the event will work towards this.”

Talks during the afternoon were about minimising the effects of ageing on the body through diet and exercise, volunteering to keep socially active, and legal matters to prepare for retirement and for those who are already retired.

A very informative event we are grateful to have been part of.